A Peek Into The Studio 25th July 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorised

A jewellers studio is where all the making happens and I consider myself very lucky to have a lovely space. the key piece of furniture in any jewellers studio is the bench and this is where the bulk of the work happens. Benches are usually packed full of tools and works in progress, mine can get pretty messy!



I bought my bench from Otto Frei (an American jewellery supply shop) and I drooled over it for years before I took the plunge and ordered. It seemed crazy to import a bench from the US to the UK but I couldn’t find anything quite like here (and it turns out getting a bespoke bench made from scratch would have cost more) I’m so happy I went ahead and did it, it’s very well built with lots of drawers for storage and it will last a lifetime.

I also have peg boards above my bench where I keep my most used tools so I can grab them quickly, they are a great way to have things to hand without making a mess and it’s also lovely to have the tools out on show.

I love spending time in my studio and over the years I have collected some bits and pieces to display.


A few of the pieces made on this very bench!

As you can see I love cats, we have two at home who are both eldery now, I love having them around and I’m happy to be called a crazy cat lady!

I put some Ikea picture shelves above my peg boards to dispaly some of my ceramic collection and some art works and if you look closely you at the photo you may spot the platform 9 3/4’s magnet my kids got me.

Above left is my bench peg, this is the where alot of the work happens, from sawing to filing to drilling and wax carving, it is an essential piece of kit for any jeweller. On the right you can see my soldering station, I keep this on the side of my bench and pull it out when needed.

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